"Samarkand" Restaurant

In the center of Prague, on the Vltava river, overlooking the famous Charles Bridge, you will find only in the Czech Republic Uzbek restaurant "Samarkand", hitting the royal beauty and richness of the interior, even the most sophisticated connoisseur!

Every detail of the interior is made according to the old traditions of Uzbek artists. Carved chandeliers of pure wood and especially deck chair (carved bed), imported from Uzbekistan, striking in its beauty and fine work of masters of the tree, get the knowledge from the previous generation of artists.

Oriental rugs are handmade with a rich and varied patterns can feel the warmth and comfort of each guest. Ceramic mosaics on the walls is made in the same way that the centuries-old madrassa and monuments of ancient Samarkand.

Everything in our restaurant breathes Samarkand, solar and hospitable Uzbek soul, which is impossible without a rich coverings dastarkhan (Traditionally, the tablecloth with exquisite treats).

Dishes of Uzbek cuisine, has long since become hallmark culture of Central Asia, combines the charm of a refined culinary art and exoticism of the ancient East.

This holiday pilaf and Lagman, and the famous Uzbek bread, has long entered into the treasury of world cuisine, prepared for you here real Uzbek chefs on traditional national recipes.

Feel the eastern king, enjoying the high service, delicious cuisine and the warmth of our hospitality!

Waiting for you, dear friends!


Samarkand restaurant
Řiční 1, Malostranské náb, Praha 1


+420 77 387 0000
+420 25 722 55 88


Work shedule: 11.00 ‐ 23.00
mon - closed.