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SAMARKAND - Authentic taste of the Ancient East

Restaurant with the atmosphere of a hospitable and sunny Uzbekistan in the center of Europe, in the picturesque city of Prague

Restaurant of Uzbek cuisine Samarkand is a part of the ancient city of Samarkand with a centuries-old culture located in the center of Europe in Prague, where everyone who wants to take a break from the busy everyday fuss gathers, have a good time and plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the East.

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The Great Eid of Kurban Bayram is approaching! In honor of the holiday, we will cook our special pilaf in a large cauldron! We will serve two types of salad for pilaf, a plate of oriental sweets and a drink for only 225 Kč. We look forward to seeing you on August 11 on Sunday from 11:00am! Live music will give even more festive mood! Samarkand restaurant congratulates you on the holiday! Kounická 13, Práha 10, tel: 773 870 000


Nahorgi Osh

This is an ancient historical tradition, which is observed to this day in the homeland of pilaf! Be the part of the traditions of Uzbekistan! We promise it will be very tasty and sincere! It is pleasure for us to invite you to Nahorgi Osh On Sunday at 11:00 am,a morning festive pilaf, which we will prepare according to a secret recipe in a huge cauldron on fire. You will have the opportunity to talk with a guest chef who cooks pilaf!