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SAMARKAND - Authentic taste of the Ancient East

Restaurant with the atmosphere of a hospitable and sunny Uzbekistan in the center of Europe, in the picturesque city of Prague

Restaurant of Uzbek cuisine Samarkand is a part of the ancient city of Samarkand with a centuries-old culture located in the center of Europe in Prague, where everyone who wants to take a break from the busy everyday fuss gathers, have a good time and plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the East.




As you know, every Sunday we alternate "Pilaf" promotion and "Fish" promotion. We decided to cook Zhiz instead of Fish for you!

Zhiz is a celebratory dish in Uzbekistan. Stewed lamb and beef with potatoes. We will serve the dish with fresh herbs with onions, salad, Uzbek bread and tea! Mmmmm that will be very very tasty! Only for 220 CZK!


Traditional Nakhorgi Osh

It is pleasure for us to invite you on Sunday, 1 March at 11:00 am to morning festive pilaf, which we will plepare according to a secret recipe in a huge cauldron on fire!

We will serve for you pilaf, three kinds of salad, bread, dessert and tea, all for 200 CZK

We promise it will be very tasty and sincere!

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